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4N6PI  LLC, is a Computer Forensic Investigation company that will help you  become Successful. 
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At 4N6PI LLC, our professional team members try to do their best to provide you with  high-quality consultations concerning any question about our investigative computer forensic services.

4n6PI LLC, has many years of experience!

Started on January 1, 1999...during our work we developed our approach to providing forensic investigative services, and a firm strategy of working with our clients.

  • Digital Forensic  Investigation Optimization;
  • Private Investiation Strategy;
  • An almost unyielding strategy.

Our services that you can use

We provide various investigation  services to help our clients handle different issues and boost their investigative needs. 
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4n6PI is a full service Cyber Forensic investigation company that specialized in Data forensics, recovery and private investigation. Services we offer include but are not limited to Cyber investigations, Smartphone investigations, Private investigation, Background screening as well as many other types of investigations. For more information please email

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A data recovery service is a service dedicated to the recovery of lost or corrupted data. It involves the salvaging of data from damaged, corrupted, failed, or inaccessible storage media when normal data access methods cannot be executed. Data recovery is often applied to storage media, like internal and external hard drives, flash drives, solid-state drives, optical media (CDs and DVDs), and storage tapes.

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A background check, also commonly referred to as a background investigation or background screening, is a process that investigates various components of a candidate’s past. Background checks allow employers to verify a person’s identity with information like Social Security numbers (SSNs), driver’s license numbers, and public records. These screenings can provide employers with: Education verification Employment verification Criminal record history Driving records Credit history Background checks in the United States have become commonplace. Employers often use them to screen job applicants and make hiring decisions. There are numerous benefits to running a background search for job applicants and employees. Conducting background checks can hold prospective employees accountable, ensuring that the information they tell you about themselves is accurate. You can rest assured that you’re hiring someone truthful and honest. Running a background check can give you peace of mind and help save you time and money in the long run. Contact us for more info and pricing @

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Our pricing plans

We offer a variety of pricing options to our clients.
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  •  Evidence Identification
  •  Evidence Preservation
  •  Evidence Analysis
  • Evidence Presentation
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  • Disk Imaging    
  • Hidden Evidence 
  •  Capture Trace Evidence
  • Chain of Custody
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  •  Document Everything, Assume Nothing
  • Interviews and Diagrams
  • Videotapes and Photographs
  • Testify in Court

The advantages of our

We work fast
We provide what our customers need quickly and efficiently.
Professional support
Our support team is always ready to help you and or your business.
Creative ideas
All our ideas and solutions are entirely built on years of practical contact with and observation of facts or events.
What is a Social Media Investigation? A social media investigation looks into the social media posts, status updates, photos, and conversations of an individual. You might require a social media investigation for a court case, custody battle, or as part of a background investigation. This can be used as evidence in court cases to support alibis and provide supplementary evidence, for risk assessment, and for active monitoring. Contact us @ for more information


These services are an integral part of civil and criminal investigations involving digital evidence. Our services include information analysis and litigation assistance for attorneys, corporations, and individuals. Our investigators are able to provide detailed analysis regarding; web sites visited, e-mail communications, account information, file copying, file downloads, and other activities performed on an individual computer. Computer forensics and data collection services frequently can be helpful even if the data has been deleted or destroyed. 

Below please find possible scenarios where a computer forensic examination may be appropriate: 

Matrimonial Disputes Employee 

Theft of Intellectual Property 

Sexual Harassment 

Destruction of Information 

Child Pornography 






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  • We have 25% projects with good results;
  • 75% of our projects have great results.

Good Results


Great Results

Our Company’s Statistics and

Since our establishment, we have helped numerous companies with their investigative needs.

  • 2012 — 100% companies
  • 2014 — 100% companies
  • 2015 — 100% companies
  • 2016 — 100% companies
  • 2018 — 100% companies

We stand for fair play and unique

During our work we developed our approach to providing products and services,
and the strategy of working with our clients.

Meet our team

Our team of professionals have experience in forensic computer investigations, social media investigations and many other spheres.

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